Enneagram & Astrology

There is a framework for the Enneagram of the Will and the Astrology of the Personality. You can not overlay the two, but they complement each other.

We can use the Astrology as an transformational tool in which case it differs from a descriptive one. 

There are 4 levels of experience of our ordinary life. From a different angle there are 3 centers of initiative. They are symbolised in 12 houses of the chart. 

Living under the astrological horizon is what Gurdjieff calls a man-machine

The formative apparatus in the chart and the roll of the planets.

 Interconnections and the descent of the Planets in the chart 

We live our deeper Selves when we are conscious and creative. Otherwise we project our potential on others and fate, unconsciously creating a subjective world - that we mistake for a really existing world outside. 

If we look at our psyche close enough, we find not only our Enneatype or our Tritype but the entire Ennea-Structure: three times three. 

The three Tritypes are distributed through the three layers of the Selfhood. The Tritype already known and developed by Katherine and David Fauvre is the first and the most obvious one.

The Transformation of the self means integrating all Enneatypes.

It becomes more and more obvious that we cannot understand the Enneatypes deeply without recognizing the Subtypes.

There is a difference between the Will and the Energy.

Enneagram, Astrology, Individuality

Why are we – human beings – so different? Why can´t any system grasp the individual peculiarities of a person? Why are the same Enneatypes so different - and you yourself can find your style in more than one? It´s not difficult to understand. 



Insofern es um eine Synthese geht, ist mir sonst noch kein anderes Buch bekannt (auch in keiner anderen Sprache). 

Es können auch Artikel von mir erworben werden in der Fachzeitschrift  Meridian über

Astrosynergie (PDF).          


Vor allem für Leser:innen, die in das Enneagramm tiefer einsteigen wollen.